I love how close my apartment is to the university.  Its like a 5 minute walk from my door to the classroom.  It gives me that much more time to sleep in. Thanks Centurion.


The building is my home away from home. We are close to restaurants,
across the street from the bar and always have a safe, clean building to come home to.
I would recommend this to all students


I love the location because it is close to Western University and downtown bars.
I also love the study room and gym downstairs, which makes me feel I can learn or
work out anytime I want.


The MARQ at 75 Ann St is like the residence experience I never had! A welcoming, encouraging, and positive vibe is what The MARQ residents all have in common with each other.

The useful amenities makes is convenient for busy students to complete their 'G.T.L.

The MARQ is like one big happy family, where everyone is always willing to help out one another; It's no wonder why everyone wants to be a part of this awesome family!

The quiet study space makes it exceptional to get ample studying done.


Hi - I helped my nephew move into the Marq yesterday and I just want to tell you how impressed I was with the experience. There wasn't one Marq Employee who wasn't helpful and pleasant. It was, of course, a chaotic day with students and parents everywhere, trucks, furniture... it was crazy. My nephew had not known that he could book an elevator, so our move was complicated by that, but really, the people at the Marq were not angry or annoyed in the slightest. They helped in small ways, they joked and squeezed us in here and there, they were truly amazing. And as crazy as it was, our move still went smoothly and far more quickly than I expected when I arrived to help. Huge kudos to the staff of the Marq, a building for students I hadn't even known existed until yesterday. Thanks!