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Co-living 101: Roommate tips that work

September 15, 2020
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It is certainly an exciting time starting school and making new friends! There are lots of firsts to look forward to like moving away for the first time and living with a roommate. Read on for some tips on how to make co-living work.

1. Respect each other's personal space

We all like having our private space, so it's important to define each other's boundaries and agree on what is considered personal versus shared space. This also includes personal belongings — remember to ask before borrowing any of their stuff to avoid conflict. How can we help? The MARQ helps you navigate through the leasing process and roommate agreement. This is a great way to establish expectations from the start. For example, visitor do's and don'ts – this is a great way to keep everyone on the same page!

2. Communicate and be considerate

Communication is key when living with someone for the first time. Maybe your roommate is a life-long friend or someone you just met at school. Either way, it's important to be considerate and let each other know your concerns and plans to have some guests over. Don't forget to discuss with your roommates the best ways to communicate; text, call, whiteboard messages – there are so many ways to keep each other informed!

3. Establish a routine

Having a routine can help you and your roommate stay on track and make you feel good about daily chores. You want to make sure chores are divided evenly, because let's face it, no one wants to do all the work! Looking for help on creating a bathroom cleaning schedule? BuzzFeed has got you covered! Check out this link for details on how often you should clean your bathroom surfaces.

4. Take time for yourself

Yes, you live together but you also need to spend some time apart. Take time to do things separately with other friends and be flexible in making time for others that you don't see as often. No one wants to feel left out or forgotten about! The MARQ offers students a private bedroom with a desk for studying – you can keep it fun with a DIY "do not disturb" sign to let each other know when you need quiet, personal, study time.

5. Have fun together!

You may not be best friends, but you should get to know each other. Set aside a day or two every month to do things together, like watching Netflix over some apps or pizza. Remember, this is an exciting time in your life and there is so much to look forward to!  Did you know: The MARQ Student Communities are located next to local spots? Come by the office and ask our friendly customer service representatives to recommend the best restaurants in the area!

Looking to room with a friend? Visit to explore our student communities in London, Montreal, and Waterloo and check out our awesome group incentives. Remember to lease early so you can choose the right space for you!