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How to effectively study from home

September 30, 2020
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Pictured: La MARQ Student Communities, Montreal, QC

Life around us has changed in more ways than one this year. We are now learning to adapt to these changes in our personal lives and trying to make the best of it. Many of you are probably enrolling in some sort of online schooling for the first time. This might be a new experience for you, which is why we have prepared these tips so you can make the most of your online learning experience!  

1. Create/follow a morning routine  

Studies show that following a morning routine provides a structure to your day and gives you a sense of comfort knowing you have the day planned out. Go for a walk or take your morning coffee without the rush. No, you might not have to wake up as early as you typically would, but try to stick to waking up at a reasonable time so that when things do go back to your regular routine, it will be a smooth transition! Also, don't forget to enjoy not hearing your alarm go off at 6AM!

2. Keep a dedicated study/desk space

It is very tempting to work from your bed or couch… but try to setup a dedicated workspace such as a table or desk. It can help you focus better on assignments and projects you have at hand. Keep your dedicated space clean and tidy to help you stay organized! The MARQ Student Communities have fully furnished private bedrooms with desk and storage space. We also have study areas, which currently operate with strict limitations to ensure social distancing! For your safety, we're implementing enhanced cleaning procedures including regular and frequent cleaning of common areas.

3. Schedule study breaks

All work and no play isn't healthy so remember to take breaks. Schedule short breaks throughout the day – go for a walk or have lunch and snack breaks. Try to keep a healthy, balanced diet to keep your brain going throughout the day. If you need a little pick-me-up mid-day, tune in to a playlist of your choice to help make time go by faster (or at least feel like it). You can even try squeezing some "deskercise" to help reduce stress and stay fit! Check out these simple yet effective exercises you can do at your desk. 

4. Structure your day

Create guidelines throughout the week and try to stick to them – pretty much like your class schedule – to give yourself a sense of normalcy. Having structure in your day can also help reduce the effects of stress because you know what you need to get done in a day. Scheduling also allows you to easily move things around to run errands or meet friends without losing sight of your deadlines.

5. Stay in touch with professors and classmates

Don't forget to communicate with your professors and classmates! You can still ask questions and interact with the people in your classes – as you normally would. Your professors and classmates are there to help guide and support you through these changes and make the most of your online learning experience. The MARQ Student Communities are located steps or just minutes away from universities so you can visit the campus as needed. More importantly, you can still experience university life being so close to campus and surrounded by fellow students.

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