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Productivity Starts Here: 5 Things You Can Do to Take Advantage of Your Mornings

August 3, 2021
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The way you start your day can have a great impact on your productivity throughout the day. Here are five ways to transform your morning routine and make your day more productive.

1.  Start the night before

A good PM routine is essential to feeling relaxed and well-rested. Many people have a tough time getting out of bed in the morning, so if this is you, then you must find ways to use the night before to your advantage! Having a structured PM routine can give you a ton of freedom the next day and leave you feeling well-rested. Getting a good night of sleep will also help improve your energy level the following day. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advises that people obtain at least seven hours of sleep every night. The quality of your morning is significantly influenced by the previous night — and it is critical to obtain enough high-quality sleep.

2.  Make your bed

Making your bed is a terrific way to start your day! It not only gets your day started on the right foot, but it also ensures that you return home to a more relaxed setting at the end of the day. Making your bed each morning will help you accomplish step one by having your bed ready when you return home to rest.

3. Be mindful & present

Consider doing morning exercise, yoga, or meditation to get your body moving and get your energy levels up. This will also help improve your mental health to get you ready for the day ahead. Another great way to create a mindful start to your morning is by journaling; Morning pages can help you set up goals and expectations for the day.

4.  Eat a delicious, balanced breakfast

As it is the first meal of the day, breakfast is important! Don't skip out on fueling your body for the day. Have fun with your breakfast, and make sure to include protein, fats, carbs, and fruits!

5. Drink water!

It's important to remember to drink water every day, all day. If you are a big coffee drinker and can't start the morning without a cuppa Joe, try having a glass of water along with a coffee. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day will help you stay hydrated and keep your body functioning at its best.

Remember "Success is the product of daily habits—not once-in-a-lifetime transformations." ― James Clear, Atomic Habits. The key is to be intentional about your mornings, realizing that the early hours are valuable and should be treated with care. Even making tiny adjustments in our trajectory each morning can become habits and bring us to a completely different destination over time.

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